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December 15, 2009


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This is the British fashion magazine i-D. I think this post is about the NY-based title by F+W Publications: ID

don't fear the reaper

Reaper, you have the wrong magazine pictured. http://www.id-mag.com is what folded.


Read the news on a FastCompany blog. This quote says it all: "The news came one day after the company's employee appreciation day."

Paul Riddell

Geez, that was fast.


Hi Reaper!
Love your blog.
Wrong mag cover as pointed out above (sorry to be redundant, annoying). Did want to point out one thing though...I.D. doesn't really count as a "shelter" mag per se since it never covered residential interiors. But it does count as one of the few last mags covering the design industry from a trade perspective, which is really distressing.

George Graves

As previously noted - wrong mag, but this is to be understood as highlights never would have informed you of that.

The oldest design mag in the country (55yrs) is done? what does this mean for the rest?


Turd Polisher

Loved that mag. Ceased being relevant after Chee Pearlman left.

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