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November 24, 2009


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Eh, it wont be missed sorry those people will be out of jobs though.


The problem that all these style magazines faced is that they were arboricide committed because of the impermanence of the physical paper they were printed on.

Churn of that scale can only be perpetrated when people can't see it, when the current issue hides last year's issue.

Change the agglutination that bound the articles, like the songs suddenly being available for 99 cents each on iTunes, and suddenly the concept of a magazine becomes too stiff and restrictive.

Instead of thousands of trees dying just so people can look at some generic wedding, or what ever the magazines are pimping, the images and text are electronically available to anyone with a web browser.

And advertising works entirely differently through a web browser.

You, as a consumer, don't want to to have your point of view constantly interrupted by irrelevancies, like ads, and you as an advertiser don't want your message interrupted by the economics of scarcity, like editorial and page budgets.

On the web, there are no limits for an advertiser. If you want to show how a material and cut flows and falls you can feature a video on your own site.

If all you're selling is area on a static page, you've lost the account already.

Magazine are a dead art form.

Paul Riddell

MSBPodcast, you're partially right about the reason why this died. A lot of the reason behind the demise of wedding magazines, to be honest, is covered in basic journalism classes. The only people who bother to buy a subscription to a wedding planning magazine for more than one year are the crazy cat ladies who spend so much time planning "their special day" that they show up to first dates with fabric samples and reception locales. Actual wedding planners don't care, as all they usually get from the magazine is the braying and screaming of some Bridezilla who points to some poorly written fantasy wedding as "exactly what I want", and somehow the planner has to make this happen with a budget of $500 and a bag of scrap aluminum.

And with this as a spinoff from "InStyle", the magazine that makes "People" and "Entertainment Weekly" look deep? HAH! Did the editor at "InStyle" have THAT many old college buddies who needed to pay off their coke dealers or lose their kneecaps?

tangerine dream

Reaper sez- elope. Travel to City Hall. Or combine with cheap Vegas vacation, including the minister's wife on the organ.


The fact is the internet is making print mags obsolete.

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