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October 09, 2009


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I hate the recent redesign. EW is not the same mag I loved when I started subscribing about 15 years ago. I finally let my sub run out this summer.


"Time Inc. employees should just take a look at their late-to-the-show neighbors at Conde Nast and what it took them to finally cut down to a normal size."

Yikes. Can't wait until more magazines fold - the writing on the web is just SO much better...


Mischa Barton isn't that skinny though... I mean if you said Victoria Beckham, or even Angeline Jolie... now THAT would be a skinny magazine!

Paul Riddell

Oh noes! If the onomatopoeic "EW" shuts down, then what happens to the legions of basement-dwelling losers on staff who live solely to masturbate endlessly about "Star Trek", "Star Wars", and every half-assed movie adaptation of a half-assed comic book to come down the pike? What will they do when they have all the time in the world to plagiarize articles from other movie magazines and news sites and no venue in which to share them? For God's sake, think of the Cat Piss Men!


You marked EW for death a little over a year ago (Sept 2008), what makes you think it will really die this year?

Grim Reaper

Dear Curious,

A lot less ads than 2008, a year they stumbled badly. A sense that Time Inc. may be watching its Conde Nast rivals being brave enough to cut long-standing titles.

This is a title that will always be marked for death until they croak. I do not foresee that time going on for very long.

Yours truly,


Nyx Moxie

Lets face it, EW is past its prime. It actually used to be a great magazine in the 90s. I loved it in the 90s and now its just crap. Its time for it to go.


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