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June 04, 2009


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Paul Riddell

The reason why this didn't die sooner, as with Disney Adventures, was that you had an editorial crew that knew what it was doing. Considering the idiots that run the Nickelodeon channel proper, that made it a rara avis. Yes, the ad revenue was disappearing, but Nick had a great reputation within the comics community for paying well and giving a damn about artists and writers, and that translated into a lot of attention to the title. If the Nick crew had been a complete gaggle of fuckups, then Viacom would have pulled it a year ago, as you suggested. However, considering the staff, I'm willing to bet that someone at Viacom decided to give it another year to see if advertising revenues improved. Sadly, those days are long-gone.

And speaking of a gaggle of fuckups, how long until Entertainment Weekly finally kacks it? I mean, Starlog is dead, Cinefantastique is dead, and SCI FI is probably next: where else will the staff at the onomatopoeic EW be able to steal their story ideas?


Will there be any magazines left in five years? I just found out Shojo Beat is going under as well, one of the only mags I ever subscribed to. I'm very frustrated. I guess I'm the last living person who actually enjoys holding a real magazine instead of having to read everything online all the time.

Paul Riddell

Taryn, that's a very good question. It's the same question every time distribution systems change in the magazine market. The good news is that magazines probably aren't going under, but they're going to have very specialized audiences for a while. The days of idiots with more money than brains who subsidize magazines for the ego of it might not be over, but they're definitely coughing up blood.


Reap -

Too funny!

I'm going to go find the wife. I have a tent pole of my own.


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