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May 06, 2009


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Print Man


Binn is little weasel I hope he loses every cent. Asshat.

Paul Riddell

Get used to a lot of these local ego projects going under in the next few months. When the only readers are the contributors and the advertisers, and the advertisers don't have the money to buy four-page spreads any more, the merry-go-round ends and everyone has to go back to jobs befitting their skills and abilities. If that means that the editors go back to pleading "Business, mister?" to passersby on street corners, well, it's not any different from what they were doing to their main advertisers and cover subjects.


I live in Florida and formerly worked in the magazine industry. I have never even heard of "Inside Out".

Ma Winchester

They are dropping like flies in the UK as well. Structural collapse of the advertising market because of the web plus the credit crisis and drying up of consumer spending and advertising. The future might be online magazines such as these - done in flash. The animation makes up for the lack of gloss on the pictures. http://journalism.winchester.ac.uk/?page=26


"The animation makes up for the lack of gloss on the pictures."

I disagree. NYLON tried switching some of their verified (freebie) subscribers from print to digital (PDF embedded in flash) and we cried bloody murder:

It was in this thread that I wrote, "The digital edition is horrid. It's a clunky imitation of print -- 'flipping page' sound effects, long loading time for pages, etc."

If a publication is better in digital than in print, it's usually because digital can allow for readers' comments, searchable navigation, and other things that print can't. But that's only when you're talking about websites, which are made with computers in mind. PDF's are made to printed, and adding animation makes it even more awkward to read on a computer screen.

kathy@orange county wrongful death attorney

There is this pervasive myth that there is a huge untapped hispanic market for goods and services and it is simply not true. These types of magazines directed to Latinos are not likely to go anywhere in the US, possibly in Latin America.

Turd Polisher

I'd disagree somewhat Kathy.
I think there is a huge untapped hispanic market, just not a large enough one that can afford to live a Rodeo Drive-type lifestyle.
On the whole the upwardly mobile ones who tend to be second and third generation/english literate and fairly integrated, will just wind up reading the regular edition.

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