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May 12, 2009


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Paul Riddell

I think now's the time where we discover how many magazines were nothing but ego projects taking advantage of economics of scale. Men's Journal is right up there with the multitude of running, biking, and hiking magazines out there: I seriously wonder how many people actually buy subscriptions, as opposed to getting them for birthday or Father's Day presents. Seeing as how most upscale men's magazines have a story churn comparable to bridal magazines, I can't see too many individuals, other than contributors, who'd bother to read them for more than two years.

Blake's Baby

Here Here

Paul Riddell

So...who wants to put down money on Wired being the next big casualty? Ad revenues are down 57 percent, and there can't be that many open-source geeks who actually read Cory Doctorow...


I did time at Men's Journal (so did you? who didn't!). It's a magazine with a perpetual identity crisis, unsure of whether it should be more like Men's Health, Outside or Esquire--which doesn't help it gain market share--and trying to sell itself as inhabiting some magical sweet spot right in the middle. It should have already died. The wild card is how long Jann pumps money into his vanity project.


I've done some time at OK! Magazine, and I agree that it's marked for death. One of the publishers, or editors - don't know/care - keeps sending out scathing emails to sales reps insisting that they demonstrate their worth to the company. What's awesome is that she does it blanket email style.

They also go through marketing programs like tampons. It's an on then off, on then off perpetual state of limbo. Then there is the requisite name-calling and whining as to why the program wasn't executed. My God, their lack of diligence and/or organization is startling.

Their size 20 font is also ridiculous to look at. I kind of feel like I'm reading a cross between Tiger Beat (is that still around) and Readers Digest - Large Print.

It really is absurdity at the highest level.


Men's Journal i a great magazine,
there are a lot of interesting information


Men's Journal seems to be going through a change to a more almost 'Right Wing' "man's man"-type mag with their latest content which is odd and too bad as i used to actually think they were pretty good. I enjoyed their slightly earthier, more everyday man approach to stories and subjects.

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