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March 06, 2009


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Photo Editor

I used to work there in 2007. my previous experience was in NY publication for 5 years. relocated back to LA and i heard of a position opening up. My first impression was it was going to be a challenge. I was wrong. It was a complete nightmare. Anne had to have her crooked little fingers in every part of the magazine. Allowing her managing editor over the photo editor, to choose the talent and photographers to shoot for the magazine. People thought that it was my choice to actually commissioned the work but actually I had my hands tied. Anne declared herself the art director.The place was a revolving door of hiring interns with the hopes of a full time position opening just to use them until they got feed up and quit or got let go. I would tell my storied to my NY colleagues and they would think i was lying of the magazines parodical. I was on a sinking ship for 7 months until one of the staffers made a deal with Anne to fire the other staffers and hire his cronies to continue the magazine as quarterly as HL.
I am glad to hear it got what was coming to it.


Once, this was a respectable movie mag run by wicked, evil people. It turned into a pandering, fluffy, insipid rag run by wicked, evil people who hired interns as top editors to write advertorial about chick junk to subscribers who could never afford it. I too am glad they all got what was coming....for years!


A loss to no one. True crap.

Desiree Blanc

They had it comin'. Oh, did they have it comin'. Karma works in mysterious, wonderful ways.


Anne still smells like formaldehyde!


Anything another publication could do better, was done better. Sort of like LifeStyle from Time Warner- which could get Kate Winslet, Ms. Oscar Winner, rather than Liv Tyler, waiting for another Lord of the Rings sequel. Coupled with bad juju in the offices and Reaper did his thing.

Anne Vilecock

And lo, a new era begins for all of mankind. This surely signals the beginning of an era of enlightenment and wonder for us all. When Satan finally gets what s(he) deserves it’s a sign! At last this complete disaster implodes under the weight of its own insipidness. Raise a glass and toast one to the sad old rag. Let's hope Anne kept that hat, she may need the twenty bucks!

Linda Lee

Well maybe the economic crash isn't so bad after all if it managed to finally take out this wretchid bird-cage liner once and for all! Don't let the door hit ya on the way OUT!

hollywood lifers

Finally the BIG PRICK John Evans gets what he deserves. I can't say enough bad things about him and his girlfriend at work, Mariana. Shame on him for cheating on his wife, being a BIG ASS LIAR, and for general fuckheadedness. Rot in Hell HL..


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