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January 12, 2009


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I don't read cooking magazines, so this is no big deal for me. But "Nobody's eating out these days" simply isn't true. I go out to eat all the time. I went out last night and the place was packed. For some of us,cooking is slave labor, boring and pointless. It's what people with no lives do. Why would anybody waste their time cooking when they can pay somebody to do it for them? I generally don't even keep food in my house outside of peanut butter, soup, and creamed corn.


I agree that people are still eating out, although probably not as often. Otherwise, your comment makes Bill O'Reilly seem thoughtful.


Nat Geo Traveler ended up 8% this year... agree on the redundancy factor, but magazines that are still profitable are few and far between, obviously '09 will probably be a different story - but still very few books ended '08 up - so wouldnt put this one on the endangered species list quite yet. Gourmet is hurting... but dont think Conde is ready to swallow folding that one yet...


awww. finally you find one i liked to read. maybe even subscribed to "gourmet" for a year. never could (afford to) visit anyplace they talked about nor afford the time and ingredients to make it myself, but i once spent three hours reading a book about cheese to assuage my appetite, so.

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