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January 08, 2009


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Architectual Digest is so boring. It deserves to die.


"Fun with FHA: Public Housing For The Aspiring Rich."


Bad idea for this magazine- not enough home tours by female country music stars. Pulls in the readers fromn Tennessee Walmarts. On one of those diet/food interchangable magazines, there was a featured piece- at least on the cover- on Taylor Swift's rules for a happy life. Taylor Swift is all of 18 years old. Silly rabbits.

Speaking of which- hearing the death rattle for any magazine featuring Paula Deen- the Red States' Martha Stewart. Entirely too annoying in her QVC appearances. Time for the Reaper to reach her swinging doors for her magazine.

V Davisson

I'm sad about this magazine, however it devolved over time into monthly stories about New York City refugee's homes in upstate New York (where I'm sure the farmers resented them for turning the place so liberal). Some articles even tried to center articles about living "country" in New York City itself! They also never ventured away from the coast of California when they (rarely) centered an article here, certainly never into the real farmland of the Salinas Valley or the Central Valley. Oh well!

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