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January 19, 2009


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Hee-hee, always so clever, Grimmy!

Well, I think the tick is over and the tock just around the bend for "Blender" magazine.
This months was thinner than the wad of TP Al Gore-lionne's followers use after a deuce.
Not that I'll miss it much. Where is one to go for a rock mag now that "Rolling Stone" has
devolved into a lefty political rag?

So yes, I have an eage-eye on Blender and Entertainment Weekly.


Until there is a breakout, identifiable superstar for yoga, its magazines will take the blade. A friend of mine runs a yoga studio in this city. Tall, blonde, WASP, may or may not have girlfriend on the side. Until she gets the all-important nod for an audience with Popessa Oprah, no chance for fame, and Reaper on hold.

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