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December 02, 2008


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Except its sales have picked up since they hired a new editor three months ago, and Bauer rarely closes anything. Plus they operate on the cheap, so they're not a money-loser like OK.


There is a deeper problem in the declining fortunes of the glossy gossip magazines. Only eight or 10 celebutards have lives considered interesting enough to these editors. Almost everything related to Angelina Jolie has been beaten into the ground. Jennifer Aniston has probably graced more covers for more magazines than any other human being in the last ten years- any more will be overkill. And we are over the Great Dysfunctional Period- the first six months of 2007, when the Unholy Trinity- Britney, Paris, Lindsey- were saying and doing so much bizarre stuff that these magazines were barely keeping up. Now Britney is attempting a comeback. Sam is making sure Lindsey stays under control. And Paris is boring. End of era, beginning of Reaper period. Simple.


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