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December 31, 2008


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Hey Reap -

Enjoy the day off.

2009 will be a very busy year!

Any guesses for the first mag of 2009 to bite the bullet?

I'll go with Blender. I like the mag, just don't think it will make it.


There's nothing in Blender worth reading... it will not be missed


My own guesses for Reaper Victims: Blender. One or two more laddie magazines. Radar. Stuff dealing with homemaking or boating. Vanity magazines- I do not project a long life for any publication starring Paula Deen, the Martha Stewart of flyover country. A number of properties in the Jann Wenner organization could hit the blade- Men's Health, Women's Health, Martians' Health, etc. U.S. Snooze and World Retort may not even make it as a website. Randomly cherrypick publications from Time Warner. And don't forget Playboy, at least in paper form. When the CEO/adult daughter leaves Daddy's playpen, she knows stuff that neither Daddy nor we know.


And Portfolio. Newhouse has only so much tip money to throw around. Possibly even forcing the exit of longtime Vogue empress Anna Wintour. This time, the devil might wear K-mart. Not a Martha Stewart product, of course.


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