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November 10, 2008


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Russell Kaye

the only magazine I ever had to officially bring legal action against to get paid - luckily, just before they went belly-up.


I date myself with this remembrance. No problem-closer to the Reaper than adolescence. But I fondly remember Jock- New York oriented sports magazine of the late 60s. Tried to be slick and With It. One cover featured then Knicks laughing on the bench with backdrop of Central Park. Clearly back in the Reed/Frazier/Bradley era. When Phil Jackson was an eccentric benchwarmer and not the NBA symbol of supermarket Zen. Alas the marketplace did not appreciate it and faced an earlier incarnation of Reaper. Long before sports magazines without deep pocket publishers or featuring the letters E, S, P, or N were doomed. Come to think of it, Jock expanded the boundaries of print sports journalism far beyond newspaper boilerplate. Not that newspaper boilerplate is doing well, either.

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