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November 17, 2008


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How about the "hot-rod" magazines that features customized and souped-up cars? I would think there will still be a market for those types of mags.


Source Interlink has killed off three of their auto enthusiast titles: Turbo (which has been around for 15+ years), Traction, and Siphon. At $0.16/share, let's see how much longer the other 100+ titles last. Nothing like cutting a ton of jobs right before the holidays while the bosses cash in their multi-million dollar bonuses!


'Road & Track' and 'Car and Driver' popular magazines are owned by the same publisher. There is a lot of overlap.

I predict that 'Road & Track' magazine will go away, and much of its content and some of its staff will be rolled into 'Car and Driver' magazine.


There will always be 16 year olds trying to impress the hot chicks in geometry class with hot wheels. Therefore there will always be hot rod magazines. Therefore there will be job security in one sector.


Well, you nailed it with this one. On Friday, Source Interlink laid off 115 people and folded a handful of enthusiast auto titles including Sport Compact Car and Modified Luxury and Exotics. Granted, these pubs were not really relying on automaker dollars but it shows the trickle down.

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