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October 09, 2008


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I so sad....I cry..."waaaaahhh"!!!
I have loved Mary's magazine since the inception, and will really miss her! Correction, though, the operator at the 800 number in the zine, after informing me my subscription was thru 2010 (!!!), said the last issue will be the NOV/DEC (or was that DEC/JAN?), and is "already labeled."

Mary ain't no dummy, though, if I am only paying her $20 per year for the 12 issues, and she replaces that with a book per year, and we all buy one, well she can charge $20-26 each, and make out like a bandit, with less deadline headaches, less editorial content, and focus each book on a new topic/subject (her DH does all the recipes in the zine, maybe they'll do a cookbook for us, too!)

So, best to Mary, 'twas sweet; I only hope we have not seen the last of your dear creative self!
Be Well,

California Fan

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