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February 19, 2008


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The YRB store recently relocated across Broadway in NYC. May have something to do with the discontinuity with the magazine...

Sir Bink Bonkers

I believe that your tipster may have been a little tipsy. Fortunately we still receive our issues of YRB which i may say happens to be pretty pretty fly. The latest cover featured none other than Mista Lenny Kravits, this release is post a vip Paul Budnitz colab cover. Respect and applause is due to the Budnitz cover in the most modest of ways.
As for the merchandising dept. of their web business ... they probably just have not gotten back up and running since the move.. Especially after the 3 alarm fire in the building amongst the moving period. lets give a little credit to YRB, and icon of the SoHo shopping experience, YRB has definitely taken the cake as the pioneer of the areas string of shoppes, whether you remember it or NOT ! They set the standard for high standards in retail visuals and design.

I Love YRB

I would have to say I sure hope YRB Magazine isn't out of business considering I go to work there every day and have had a hand in producing the two latest spectacular issues. People should learn their facts before giving false info. Just having moved, wires may have gotten a little crossed, but it would be in everyone's best interest to keep an eye out for YRB and what it's bringing to the table.


I love that mag!! A friend of mine just got the Lenny Kravitz issue. HOT! There is no other magazine quite like YRB out there, and if it is true that they moved, give them a break, it takes time to get back into the swing of things.


they are still in business i work there everyday

yrb is for losers

I hope YRB magazine goes out of business. The magazine sucks and has no real substance. It's for wanna be hipster teeny boppers.

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