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December 27, 2007


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Don't count on American Heritage making it. Despite his glamorous family history (see Alexander Graham Bell, see Gil Grosvenor), Mr. Grosvenor has a long history of starting ventures and not finishing them. I think you'll see this magazine back on the list soon.


Considering they have only published one issue since Edwin S. Grosvenor took the helm perhaps it is time to start the death clock ticking again. Maybe they will only produce one issue per year - so if I were to subscribe today for a 12 issues subscription for $36.00 - I would be set till 2020...


I received a note on May 16th, with an attached cover of the Summer magazine. Have not seen the magazine anywhere, and the stories online are also drying up. I hope the end isn't near.

Bill P.

A second issue in a year...wooo wooo! The only thing published less frequently than the magazine appears to be the web site. As of today August 12, 2008 the home page of AmericanHeritage.com features blog entries from December 2007. Too bad was a great magazine at one time.

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