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August 15, 2007


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When MAXIM launched and then the dot com boom was just starting, it was heady days for MAXIM. It got so big physically that STUFF literally was started because the glue & binding couldn't hold any more advertisers - they clearly also didn't have time to come up with a real name or in actuality of course, they didn't want a name to diminish MAXIM so they picked something throwaway - STUFF. It really became irrelevant by 2002 and really, really irrelevant by 2004 but by keeping subs at around $5, at least you have circ numbers. There is virtually no editorial left except for airbrushed photos.


Men's magazines are like television today. The best has never been better, the worst finds new levels of rock bottom. Stuff and its ilk had its heyday around 1999. Pre internet in everything. 12 year olds can still download raunchier stuff. The badder drives out the bad. Good observations again, Reaper.

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