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July 27, 2007


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Gotta watch out for those crazed women! Maybe they're both going through "the changes".


Hollywood Life is by douchebags, for douchebags. I hope it does the Tango on its way out of print.

Desiree Blanc

I'm sure Tango is equally as craptastic as Hollywood Life, but I'm thinking it might be the first to go under. The magazine formerly known as Movieline has had a long crawl to the grave since it started becoming irrelevant in the late '90s. Like Jason Voorhees or herpes, it simply will not die. I'm beginning to think nothing can kill it and that its publisher will keep it going as some kind of desperate vanity project until she's bankrupt or the last two people on earth who still care about the baubles celebs buy stop reading.


Gotta love the back story on Tango. Andrea got her money becz she and hubby met at ENRON where dh was a major peon in the foreign energy biz. Both jumped ship, he with megabux, her with him, only so she could dally dilly in the fields of mag publishing. This was one that shoulda been "sponsored" by L'Oreal.


Yeah, I let my Movieline subscription run out right around the magazine's transition to Hollywood Life. I subscribed to Movieline because it ran timely, well-reported pieces about the business of show, but then without warning the mag turned vapid.

I never heard of Tango. But it seems like both magazines can quietly disappear and no one will miss them.


I used to work for Movieline/Hollywood Life, and changes are afoot once again! Look out for another revamp (March? April?) that is even crappier. The woman at the reins is a loon.

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