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March 09, 2007


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How can you think about EW when Hollywood Life still clings to this mortal coil. I do owe one small thing to HL...waiting for the death of this hideous rag keeps me breathing one more day. Without the promise of its demise and that of its vulpine publisher, I would be no more. Only until evil is extinguished may I finally rest!


Oksana Buliskayanovskyanovichavostokoranorskiski

if Entertainment Weekly folds before Movieline's Hollywood Life, this world is going to hell in a handbasket (or maybe just the lamé bedazzled handbag Nicole Kidman took to the Oscars that will probably appear in in HL's advert - ahem, editorial pages). See you in HELL MHL!


i am a magazine luverr and i luv all magazines except i HATE Hollywood Life, it sucks and is full of boring fashun junk and makeup and chick junk, it was better when it had funny stories and made fun of movie stars. i wish they stop sending it to my trailer park!


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