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March 26, 2007


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Good riddance!

Jim M.

Such a shame LIFE has once again ceased publication. But this was never a good venue for this once venerable, periodical institution that was for many years a fixture on the coffee tables of American homes and the waiting room racks of doctors' offices, just as was its once vibrant competitor, LOOK.

I hope one day both LIFE and LOOK will resurface as bi-monthly, monthly or seasonal publications, with the beautiful photos and photo essays for which they were both well noted.

For you younger Internet users--there was a time when LIFE and LOOK were as well regarded, their combined circulations making them as big as are PEOPLE and TIME today (though granted, one must concede the glory days of periodicals and newspapers are history, many publications on the verge of folding or being absorbed in mergers, as more people rely upon the Internet and television for their news and information).

Such renowned photojournalists as Margaret Bourke-White, Robert Capa, Alfred Eisenstaedt, James Karales, Gordon Parks, and A. Stanley Tretick were all award-winning shutterbugs for these once giants of the periodical industry, their photographs frequently making history with their collective lenses.

Even the late & legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick was once a staff photographer for LOOK, before evolving toward his Oscar-winning film career.

Though I realize the best days of periodicals are behind them, I think there will always be at least a small number of the very best magazines surviving. And that's because there's just something special about those great articles, and beautiful and brilliant images on glossy pages that don't come off quite the same, no matter how portable cellphones and laptops have made the portability of media possible.

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