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April 10, 2006


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I think that I'll hang on to these guys for a while, Reaper. Now fuck off.

Blake's Baby

I'm interested to see what the new Giant will look like, considering that the America team was basically transposed from one sinking ship to (well, hopefully not) another.
I always loved the design, art direction and writing in America, so I really do wish them luck on this resucitation effort. I do remember the ironic thing about America was that the fashion stories often had little cohesion with the rest of the book: the front-of-the-book and the feature well would feature the most glossed and gorgeous of the music and film worlds, and then the fashion pages seemed to connote nothing relating to America or hip-hop culture---pages of pasty skinny white models in Euro-themed couture looks. Mind you, they featured work from some of the best stylists.

If they have a similar sensibility to Complex, it would make sense to see them come under one roof and cross-promote the other. Complex got it right the first time, and I remember before it launched, it's editors were working to graft together a Lucky for men. This was, what, Three years before Condé Nast ever got the bright idea to spin Lucky off for guys? Complex never tried to be all thing to all people. It focused very tightly on what young men reared on skateboarding and hip-hop ever obsessed about, and tailored the gospel of shopping strictly for their tastes.

America, at least in regards to its features--if not the fashion, seemed to go after that guy's older siblings (male and female). If Giant carries that flavor, it could be for Complex what Blender is to Maxim---whoops!---maybe that's not so good. Also, Complex already covers music, television, film and video games like Giant has.

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