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I'm a bony figure in a long dark garb who you really don't want to meet.


The beginning of the end is here.

Although many are still in denial, the golden age of magazines is over. Advertising is being sucked like a vacuum cleaner to the Internet and television. Newsstand sales are in freefall and there's no sign of stopping. Junior would rather IM and download music than read a magazine or a newspaper. Time inc. is laying off and taking buyouts.

There are some magazines which simply have no excuse for existing anymore. Even if the world of publishing was as peachy as a Good Housekeeping cover, they just do not have a reason to live.

And there are some magazines which, as good as they are, are bound for the padlock, with poor unfortunate editors, writers and sales reps joining the unemployment line, wondering if there will be another job waiting for them. There are no buyers coming to the rescue in time, cost can't be done fast enough and poof, it's a sad demise.

We dedicate this blog to those magazine which look like they may be joining that Great Trashbin in the Sky, polybagged onto the River Styx, with blow-in cards a one-way ticket to oblivion.

Who will survive and who will feel the reaper's scythe? We will post our likely suspects, but we welcome all suggestions. What do you know that we don't? What do you think of our likely suspects? Post your comments, and let the Reaper know who is a goner.

Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen!


Searching for magazines which have outlived their purpose, boating, reading, nail filing, learning ancient Druid languages.