Marked for Death: Essence

From down here, it looks like we’re going to be seeing Essence magazine here soon.

Let’s see: this is a beauty magazine for black women.

The entire fashion team has gone “AWOL.”

Beauty and cover director Mikki Taylor announces her retirement yesterday. NPR is already waving goodbye to her.

Doesn’t sound like there will be much of a beauty magazine left, right?

Pilot Journal: RIP March 2010

Pilot Journal is crashing and not getting up.

Actually, it’s being merged into Plane & Pilot magazine. Sure, you know that one?

When the airlines cut back, there’s less pilots. Less pilots, less people reading Pilot Journal. Simple math, courtesy of the Reaper.

Training magazine: RIP February 2010

The Reaper is back, has cleansed the site of Viagra and propescia spam, and with the usual news — a magazine has closed!

I was watching the Winter Olympics, my favorite season for this event, and was caught up in all the curling frenzy. I was trying it down here, but I didn’t have a sliding rock. So I used one of the $300 ink blotters Conde Nast threw out in its new austerity movement. Worked beautifully!

Training magazine has bitten the dust because, well, there’s nobody to train! As a matter of fact, there are less trainers now to train the smaller amount of people who can be trained.

Besides, any magazine that puts a penguin on its cover is immediately penalized, in my book.